Getting Organisations Ready for Transformational IT Projects – 8 Critical Success Factors to Assess Organisational Readiness

Why should You care?

Trends and changes in today’s world of transformational projects

  • Modern technologies and methodologies promising faster deployments and unprecedented business opportunities
  • Substantial increase in technological complexity requiring new and different skills
  • Digitisation calling for reduction of organisational complexity
  • Speed of change in markets, business models, and customer behaviour/expectations
  • Regulatory and compliance requirements becoming increasingly complex

Why do projects fail

  • The classic reasons: scope and business case insufficiently aligned, aggressive timeline, ambitions and capabilities unbalanced, selection of service providers
  • The underlying truth: insufficient preparation and planning and an organisation that is not prepared to convert the business case into tangible outcomes

How to create success

  • Align the project portfolio with the business strategy
  • No project without business ownership and skin in the game
  • Invest more time and effort into preparation and planning
  • Replace Change Management (administration) with managing change (leadership)
  • Start with making sure to understand the desired impact versus current readiness (ambition vs. capabilities)

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